DW Audiotrainer Exercise Key – Part 1

When I searched for the best method to master a language, I found many sources said that listening to Audiotrainer help you to memorize vocabulary with its sounds  and spelling. So, I decide to choose Audiotrainer from Deutsche Welle to make my brain works with German. I admit those audiotrainers are amazing learning tools because I get myself becomes familiar with some of grammar.

But I was so disappointed when DW doesn’t provide any exercise keys unless exercise sheets. So I was starting to wonder on how I could correct my answer precisely. I think making my own made exercise keys is not a bad idea because DW put it on A2 level. So it means the sentences might be simple and basic.

After I begin this work, I find some sources provide the keys and I think it won’t stop me to keep working because I believe if it does not challenge you then it won’t change you.

So thanks so much for reading this article and if you are currently looking for the keys, I hope mine will help you.

51 – Running errands – Besorgungen machen

52 – In the department store – Im Kaufhaus

53 – Shops – Geschäfte

54 – Shopping – Einkaufen

55 – Working – Arbeiten